Jun 27, 2016

#7 Life in IIUM *part 2


So, today I want to rant everything related to my studies as IIUM undergrad student. As for engineering students, before we graduated from cfs, each and everyone of us got to choose which major we would like to further our study in. There are 8 majors which you guys (*ade ke yg baca? Lol) can refer here. At that time there were just 8 major courses but civil eng is just implemented in the kuliyyah last semester rasanya. 

Anyway, at first, I'd like to take CIE which is computer information engineering. However, my passion towards programming faded as the time goes by. Fortunately I passed the course. Pheww. I eventually wrote biotech engineering as my first choice and automotive engineering as second choice and obviously I got biotech eng. I dont understand myself for taking bio courses because I swear I would never involve in bio again after SPM.

And so, in 2014 if I not mistaken, I enrolled into the main campus together w my roomate, Anna. She finished her foundation in 1.5 years too. Fuhh nasib baik ada kawan. Unfortunately, we were separated as I got Mahallah Halimah while she got Mahallah Asma. I was like. Ok takpelah nnt kelas kite kena sama2. Lol. I loooovveee my mahallah seriously. Although none of my acquintances *(I'm not friendly. Lol) are living in this mahallah, I love it. After the registration, as usual, we have to prepare ourselves for taaruf programs which has been arranged by the university. I dont really like taaruf week because it makes us tired. Tired of listening to ceramah although everything is important for us to know. Nasib baik lah taaruf week takes 3 days je. Because my batch completed cfs in 1.5 years. I'll update about all this complicated iium system in the next next post ok.

Finished taaruf week :D

Tour around campus. Uols yg masuk uia kena tour cari kelas okay! 

Lepak by riverside after class and yes! I recycled my outfit. Lol. Malass. 
Ni masa 1st sem je kosser, lepas tu tmpt ni tak jejak dah XD

I couldnt remember how, but I managed to be in the same class/section as Anna for all subjects in the first semester. Yeayy. Everything gone smoothly *my expectation. Aku tak tahu apa masalah aku but I am so calm in everything and somehow it kills me and it does on the first semester. I have to repeat calculus 1 in my very first semester. I screwed up. Supposed we have to aim high in the first sem but I started with obviously low cgpa bcs I have to repeat one subject. I'm okay, I can handle it and in few semester later I managed to pass all subjects in every semester. I swear passing all subjects matter than getting dean's list. Seriously. But this is not applicable for scholarship holder and for those who are freakin genius.

2nd year, masuk major. 

The courses in degree is totally different than what I have learn back in cfs, I have to take 5 different mathematics. Alhamdulillah I passed all five which the last one I took in my previous semester. No more maths after this but application of maths *cried. Also, during my degree I discovered that I am so bad in mechanical field. I hate all subjects involving mechanical engineering. Dynamics, statics, fluid mechanics you name it. I think that is the hikmah I didnt get automotive eng. I have no passion in it at all and I miraculously doing good in chemistry and biology although I have to read a lot. 

However, ada je subjek bio yang aku tak suka mcm biochemistry and Pmass which I have to repeat em last sem. I am so tabah last semester. Swallowed the same thing all over again due to my recklessness. I have to do well in the next semester. There are no time to waste for another repeatititon. Please pray for me. 

Now its 2016, I am a 3rd year iium engineering students and currently taking short semester because I want to reduce the workload of my final semester later next year. I have to set my goals to be on track. I cannot fall into making the same mistakes again. It is all about survival right now. I have to survive to be iium engineering graduate bcs that is the Malaysian education system is all about right? Sigh. 

Despite being introvert, two semesters back I volunteer in convocation fiesta (CONVEST) as committee. I'm outta my comfort zone bebeh. I met new friends and learn how to manage big event like CONVEST. Dah lah first time, then join event terbesar then dpt post leader. How on earth this happened laaa. Hahaha. Tapi nasib baik everything is fine. Aku manage teater je, jadi management team yg berat production team la by teater production house. Aku dpt biro general task which we have to print everything from poster, tickets and banner. I will never choose genta again sbb ni lah biro paling banyak guna duit sendiri lepas tu claim dkt iium management like hello? We students nak survive guna ptptn pon tercungap cungap nak suruh guna duit sendiri apahal? Hahaha. Tapi, seiring meningkat usia kena la independent right. Ade la fund raising and such utk dptkan duit. Best la, dpt experience takde la duduk dalam bilik dan study je. FYI, aku kurang gemar join program. Entahlah tak berapa suka pergi meeting sume tu. But if I started it, I have to be commited lah. Be responsible gitu.
Convest's teater management team

I think thats it for now. I'll will also make a post about how I plan my study plan later and it'll beneficial for those who will enter IIUM, accidentally found my blog. Lol. And btw, I had vacation to Turkey last midbreak and I'm so excited to share it here. See ya in the next post ;D

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