Jun 28, 2016

#8. #PijahOffMalaysia : Turkey


At the end of last year, my mom and I decided to have a vacation to Turkey. After checking my semester's schedule, there was one trip provided by Kowamas Travel Agency during my midbreak in March. My mom will travel wherever she want every year and as for last year, she's gone for Bosnia and this year Turkey and Europe (end of this year). So, she's willingly to sponsor me (thanks mom. Later I'll sponsor you to Swiss).

However, approaching midbreak, lecturers tend to do midterms and I have to reschedule my midterm of one of the subject bcs I have to fly 18/3 at 0200 and I have midterm on that morning. Nasib baik Dr Yose considerate orangnya. Tak kisah lah midterm dekat nak final pon as long as I can go for my vacation. 17/3 at 5pm I have maths 5 midterm. Lepas habis paper pkul 7 pm tu terus rempit balik rumah nak packing (yes aku tak packing lagiii) sebab nak gerak KLIA pkul 9pm. Mampus.  Bla bla bla I managed to settled down everything and arrived at KLIA on time. Pheww. And of course we forgot things but we didnt realized it yet. My mom and I mmg travel ikut agency je sbb senang semua diuruskan tapi terhad lah tmpt2 lawatan dia sbb kite kena ikut itinerary agency and as usual my group is full of makciks and pakciks sebab mereka ni dah tua baru la berpeluang nak jalan2 gituu. 

I travelled for about 12 hours to Istanbul with 7 hours flight to Doha for transit and 5 hours from Doha to Istanbul. Turkey is 6 hours late compared to Malaysia so I was a bit confused with the timing of solat but we jamak and qasar everything. Yeah! So we arrived in Istanbul at 7am (local time in Istanbul). So we straight to visit all places. I'm not sure I can remember everything or not but I'll try to make it short and simple and I'll put some pictures of course. Heheh

Day 1: 
As far as I remember, as we arrived semua singgah solat but I'm not (Yknow. Lol) and after we got into the bus (ade wifi okay!) and tour Istanbul kot. Lepas jalan2 Istanbul and all, tiba2 dah tengahari so we grabbed our lunch dkt Galata Bridge. Makan nasi dgn ikan. Tbh, I dont really like the appetizers it makes me loss my appetite but since its just the first day, bantai jelah semua kan. Appetizers dia biasanya sup kacang mcm kacang kuda tu or tomato sup (I really dont like the soup), roti keras namati dgn sayuran. 

Tulips everywhere in the city. weee

Then, lepas habis makan kami naik bas pergi ke Bursa menaiki feri. I swear it was so cold and I didnt bring my winter coat bcs I forgot and my mom who packed everything up 2 weeks earlier didnt bring it too sbb dia ingt sejuk mcm dalam office je. Why is my mom liek diss?? Its freezing but it didnt stop me from taking pictures of course. Aku rasa menyesal gak sbb asyik ambil gambar muka sendiri je instead of capturing the scenery. Sigh. 

Hey bro!

Lepastu tak silap aku check in hotel kot. Eeii bosan betul lah. This is the part that I dont like. Letak bontot dlm bas lepastu tiba2 dah malam and then check in hotel. Membazir masa tahu tak? I ranted this to my mom and she said she wants to go to Istanbul again. Wiwiwi

Day 2

The next day in Bursa it is colder than Istanbul and we were wearing one piece of clothes (I'm dying). I asked my mom for sweater or whatever that can make us feel warm. Mak belikan in the next day rasanya. Hehehe. 

So, we went to Bursa Mosque. I didnt pay attention to what has been said by the travel guide, Erhan bcs most of it was about history and I'm dying to take photos je at that time. Lol. 

@ Bursa Mosque w my mom

Everywhere got tulips la deyy

@ Cumalikizik Village

The appetizers that I dislike

Delicious bcs its meat but the rice is too sticky.

When we were on our way to Bursa, there were news about bombing in Istanbul and Ankara if I'm not mistaken. Fortunately we left the city earlier. 

Day 3: 

We went to Pamukkale hot springs or cotton castle. 

Rendam kaki dlm hotspring. Idk why the water made my feet feel itchy. 

The cotton castle is the neighbour of the Hierapolis ancient city.

Yeahh forgot to button my shirt. Lelz
Yeayy I got my sweater.

Day 4: 

We off to Cappadoccia bebeh. Hot air ballon is freakin famous in Cappadoccia. However, my mom and I decided to not have the ride bcs of its crazy expensive price (USD 220). According to those who took the ride, there was no sunrise at that time because it was raining the night before so their objective to see the sunrise wasnt achieved so it was just a waste of money. Lol

The view are supposed to look like this but they werent

 Since we didnt go for hot air ballon, we have to stay in the hotel. Ni aku tak puas hati dgn travel agency. Because, I accidentally found someone's photo who was in diff agency, they got to go to the site to take pictures. Rugi la aku pergi sini sbb ingtkan tak dpt naik boleh la sekadar ambil gambar je rupanya tak. Aku tak reccomend travel agency ni. Menyampah. 

There were so many former cave houses mcm Goreme, Uchisar which formed naturally.

Camel rock (bukan Bretman Rock. Lol)

Makan sini paling sedap. Appetizer dia spaghetti okay!

Mesti ada compulsory places yg kerajaan suruh tourist pergi.
As for turkey, its ceramics and carpet

Derinkuyu Underground City.
Seksa betul aku nak masuk.
How on earth Turkish zaman dulu live in here??

That is tree full of Turkish amulet.
Kalau org melayu depa tuduh agenda dajjal dah pasal nmpk mcm mata satu. Lol

Favourite restaurant bcs they served foods with music. Hehe

Day 5: 

We went to Ankara. Nasib baik isu bombing tu dah reda. There were so many police and the security controls in Ankara was very tight. So we went to Anitkabir, mcm muzium je. Tak menarik pon. I hate museum I hate history so I was just lepak kat luar and was taking pictures with my mom. 

Favourite photo.
Thanks to my mom. Finally! a perfect picture. 


Hai abam

Day 6: 
Yeay we were in Istanbul again. Climax lah ni sbb nak balik Malaysia dah. So we were in Istanbul for 2 days before going back. Shopping is a must!

Cat in Hagia Sophia

Tulips in Topkapi Palace

Topkapi palace. Grumpy day. Me in red

On cruise from Asia to Europe.
(Turkey is both on Asia and Europe separated by bridge je)

Sultanahmet Mosque. Tgklah aku je yg paling muda. Takde geng. 

Left is Asia, Right is Europe if I'm not mistaken. 

Sultanahmet Square.

Ada street food tu try la tapi tak dijamin sedap since Turkish food is usually bland.
I bought something like this filled with nutella but it was so keras I can lose my teeth. Lol

It is compulsory to try this. Apple tea. 

Hagia Sophia

Shopping activity which was off itinerary.
We went to Taksim for Hardrock Cafe

Spice Market

Spice market ni mmg best and macam2 ada. Compared to Grand Bazaar, Spice Market offers much more affordable price for everything. Grand Bazaar peniaga dia kerek nak mampus tak boleh bargain langsung.

My mom wanted to buy a leather jacket but the price is so expensive. Bila kite taknak beli peniaga tu kejar sambil tawarkan harga murah. Lol. Tadi aku nk beli takde plak nak tawar menawar. Mak aku pon satu, bajet 100 Lira mane dapat murah mcm tu. Lepas tu blur2. Tapi dah nak sgt dia beli la satu after tukar bajet to USD100 tapi jacket tu hodoh. Lol. 

We off back to Malaysia in the next day. Sedihh. Ok now aku nak komen tentang travel agency, Kowamas. Mak aku pilih ni pun sbb dia pernah sekali guna kowamas masa pergi Bosnia. To be honest, aku tak puas hati dengan travel agency ni and aku rasa rugi tak komplen masa dia bagi borang to rate the service. First, aku tak puas hati kebanyakan masa dibazirkan tidur dalam bas sahaja sbb perjalanan sangat panjang mcm dari Pamukkale ke Cappadoccia tu about 500km. So, I didnt suggest to them for next trip mereka kena compensate lah pembaziran masa tu dgn penambahan satu hari lagi. We didnt pay to waste our time in the bus. Since we were tired, jetlag pon tak berabis mmg lah tidur je instead of enjoying the scenery. 

Tapi nak tak puas hati pun, bayar package murah sikit drpd travel agency lain. Kalau guna duit aku, of course aku akan tambah je beberapa ratus to get more satisfying travel agency services. But since my mom tanggung semua aku telan jelah ketidakpuasan hati tu. Next time no more Kowamas kot. Second, according to my mom, tour guide kali ni kurang mesra compared to yg dia dpt masa pergi Bosnia. Maybe sbb org muda kot. Harap handsome aje lah. Lol. But he's fine. 

However, I am so glad my mom and I can get along with those who were in the group because my mom is friendly but I am not. Sampai sekarang pon they all still keep in touch dkt whatsapp group. Siap plan lagi lepas ni nak pergi mana. Orang2 tua ni semua mmg frequent traveller la mcm mak aku. Eventhough its just once a year, I considered that as frequent. 

Some of the makciks and akaks. Haha

I think thats all for now. See ya in the next post ya. Bye~

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