Jun 29, 2016

#9 IIUM Study Duration


So today I've decided to write about study duration in IIUM. As you all know, IIUM foundation program is different from KPM matrix although both are under Ministry of High Education and both are matriculation program. Kalau korg dapat uia, means that korg dpt foundation and you will have to go to the foundation center(cfs) first. 

IIUM foundation program will provide the students a definite places in the main campus. Thats why higher requirement is needed for those who are not from cfs (direct intake) since the university have limitation in taking new students.

Unlike those who are taking UM foundation prog or KPM matrix, they have to do the second UPU after they finished their matriculation and all of them are scattered into different local university such as UKM or UPM. As for IIUM students, they dont have to do so. They'll eventually enter the main campus (Gombak/Kuantan) depends on the courses if they meet the entrance requirement (exit language)

IIUM foundation students have to sit for English Placement Test(EPT), Arabic Placement Test(APT), Fardu Ain and Tilawah test. All tests will determine your duration of study in foundation. There are 3 types of duration which are 1 year, 1.5 years and 2 years. You have to do well in the tests so that you will not wasting your time taking language courses. 

There are levels of the language courses. For example, for english, there are level 3 (lowest) until level 6 (highest) while for arabic there are two levels only. However, for arabic, this is not applicable for laws or human sciences or ikrhs because they have to learn higher level of arabic language until they enroll into the main campus.

If you are genius, you exampted from both courses, you are entitle for 1 year program. Which means you dont have to take any language courses and focus on the major subjects depends on your course. If you exampted or obtain highest level for one of the language, you can finish your foundation in 1.5 years. And if you didnt exampted both language, you have to stay for 2 years. However, this duration can be change when you do well in the first semester for language. As for me, I exampted from arabic during my first semester and changed my english level from 5 to 6. So I finished my foundation program in 1.5 years only instead of 2 years.

Lagi satu ujian Fardu Ain dgn Tilawah. Ujian fardu ain tu bertulis while tilawah is obviously oral test. I couldnt remember how this works tapi aku kena pergi kelas tilawah dan belajar from basic while my friend didnt have to (aku gagap baca Al-quran dulu). However, dkt main campus tilawah al quran is a credited subject ya. It is compulsory. 

At the end of every semester, you guys will have to sit for EPT and APT again untuk tentukan your next level dan sudah semestinya you'll eventually have to exit language. EPT ni mcm MUET cuma takde listening test je. As for APT, sama jugak. I remember that we have to do oral test in arabic. Tergagap gagap kau. Lepas tu asyik ulang ayat sama je smpi terkulat kulat dpn lecturer. Lol. Kalau kau exit, kau tak perlu ambil language dah. Tapi kalau tak exit korg naik level la. Aku tak pernah pula dgr ada org stuck at the same level but it is not impossible ya. Eventhough dkt cfs subjek language ni takde kredit pon tp dia university requirement. 

This is my own experience back in 2012 ya, I dont know if uia changed the system or not. But I think it isnt. Kalau minimum requirement to enter main campus for all courses tu ada aku dgr dia nk upgrade. Masa nak grad cfs dah ni, dpt rumors engineering students kena achieved minimum B for all subjects. Semua meroyan lah sbb dah final sem kot. There is no way we can change our grade dah. Aku pon ade je dpt C. Tapi alhamdulillah dia implemented in the next batch. Pheww. There are certain cgpa that students need to get to grad from cfs ok. Kalau engineering 2.5

Anyway, if you readers out there who accidentally found my blog while googling, thank you for reading. You can ask me if you dont understand by dropping some comments. Good luck and see ya in the next post. 

4 years ago. How time flies. 

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