Jun 26, 2016

#6 Life in IIUM


Suddenly I miss those days back in cfs. In every aspects. seriously. I miss living in the small room sharing it with three roomates and we got to see each others' faces because there are no compartments like in the main campus, cheaper foods in the cafe, short distances of mahallahs w the classes, receiving allowance every semesters, going to pasar malam every tuesdays, lepak midvalley wearing jubah bcs we are the iium students *LOL

When I  got to know that I've been accepted into iium, my mom is so happy and deep down in my heart, I am so thankful because I finally got to enter my dream university *according to the 17 y/o me.Lol
I dont know why I wanted to enter iium but Allah had finally fulfilled my wish. Before I enter iium, I've never stayed in the hostel bcs I just went to the sekolah harian. I dont know what to feel when I finally got to experience staying in the hostel w my friends but the first night of staying there, I cried. Lol. Before I sleep. Lol.

On top of no experience staying in hostel I am not friendly. I dont know how to make friends. Thankfully, I got to get along w my classmates and my roomates. I'm glad that we are still friends until today. Thank you guys for accepting me who is having fierce and emotionless face. Lol. Mentioned about not having experience in hostel while others does, I learnt to survive by observing people. Haha. 

Enrolled into iium, EPT and APT is compulsory. Goshhh I cant believe I survived those subjects. It is like 12 hours of contact hours in a week, classes until 6 pm. Bencinya kelas language waktu tu. Alhamdulillah I passed level 1 of arabic but I have to learn english level 6 in the second semester. I am not smart but somehow I manage to survive foundation with CGPA 2.5. Ok lah beb. Hahaha. I am moderate. I'm not targetting for dean's list. As long as I can enter the main campus, it is good enough. 

Back in cfs, we were living in a room of four. Katil double decker. Masa mula2 masuk, aku sampai awal utk cop katil bawah. Duduk atas jadi target pocong katanya. Bullshit betul. Hahaha. Aku sampai awal, bilik pon level 1 tapi duduk blok belakang. For those who know how H the shape of KC, blok D tu takde pemandangan. Pemandangan rumah org dgn pokok besar je. Alhamdulillah takde pengalaman dgn hantu. Lol

Then, I met anna, shasya and tirah. Nak cerita semua yang berlaku its just too long. Its freakin one year experience living together okay. But the most favourite thing back then is studying together dkt meja tu berderet deret. Meja hadap tingkap. Aku kan sekolah biasa, mana ada study ni. Nak exam pon aku masih bermain main. There are no pressures being put on my shoulders. Aku takde target nak fly overseas or getting scholarship and such. Aku just go w the flow and end up in uia. Aku
free. But somehow, my SPM results is good la kan boleh masuk uia ni ha. Hahaha. 

So, bila roomates was preparing for EPT and APT aku terkejut lah. I'm like 'wow guys, korg study? Seriously? I dont even know what to study' and I end up tidur je lah. Tapi ok je english level 5 and arabic level 1 bcs I just wrote my name and leave the hall. Lol. So basically w my language results, I'm in the 2 years program but I managed to do it for 1.5 years je by squeezing all remaining subjects into one final semesters and I passed. Yeay! I'm going to main campus. Woohooo. 

I miss nasi ayam percik tho. Every selasa mesti pergi pasar malam. Being 18 and iium students, aku tak tahu ini norma or what tapi semua mesti ada rasa nak kahwin awal. Duhhh we are such an immature pricks. Kahwin awal? Seriously? We cant even manage ourselves okay. So, what is the relation of kahwin awal and pasar malam? Usha jodoh beb. Aduhh dasar tak matang betul time tu. But foods is obviously our main concern lah and my fav food is nasi ayam percik. Sedap beb. Tak macam ayam percik biasa sbb dia pedas2 and berempah sikit. Pastu jalan2 pasar malam usha jodoh, otw masuk campus ramai jodoh lalu lalang nihh fuhh rambang mata mana satu nak pilih mcmlah jodoh tu boleh tangkap muat aje mana2. Lepastu lalu padang plak. Alamak ai brother sado main bola, fuhh usha jodoh lagii, yang pompuan usha lelaki, yg lelaki dah tentu2 usha perempuan melenggang balik pasar. Mashaallah masa tu mmg gelenyar habis. Malu bila memikirkannya. Bila dah masuk main camp, seriously berlambak lagi senior2 yg potential jd suami. Lol. Tapi commitment dah lain dah. Quiz every week. Mana ada masa nak usha2 dah lantak p mampuih je la kat situ aku nak balik tidur or aku busy kejar due date assignments. Hahaha

Then, masa cfs every sem dpt allowance, 1K. Bnyk la masa tu. Heaven k sbb I can buy whtv I want gitu. Mmg cukup la sbb masa tu cost of living is not crazy high mcm skrg. But in main campus, alhamdulillah I manage to self sponsored myself. Mak aku simpankan duit since I was 16. So dia tolong lah bayarkan yuran, bg duit belanja and such. Thanks mak. Alhamdulillah habis belajar nnt aku takde hutang boleh bagi mak duit gaji aku. I think that is my greatest nikmat kot. Bcs high edu in Malaysia is expensive and we dont know how we'll end up. But I'll just fulfill my responsibility as a daughter and khalifah. Let Allah do the rest. All the best in life everybody ;)

2012, Being 18 and gelenyar. Hahaha

Tu cerita masa cfs. Later, I'll upload my stories bila dah masuk main campus. Hohoho. Gn!

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