Dec 11, 2016

#11: Throwback To My First Trip To Melaka With Girlfriends


Actually I have so many things to do but I cant hold myself from writing something because of my blog's new template. Hehehe I just changed it yesterday after doing my assignments halfway. I feel so eager to post something gittuh so I'm gonna throwback to my trip to Melaka w my babes. 

I cant remember the exact date but if I'm not mistaken it is during my second short semester. During the weekend of course. So it was back in the middle of 2015. Dah setahun beb. Yknow mana ada masa tulis blog back then. Being me, my mom is not easily give permission to travel out of KL despite being 21. Blerghh typical mom. But this time I dont know why mom let me go. 

So, I went to Melaka with Shasya, Anna and Shera by bus. We took a bus from TBS to Melaka and we arrived there almost midnight. Seram. In Melaka we got to stayed at Shasya's big bro's house. So there was no staying-in-hotel-with-girlfriends' experience. Good because we dont have to pay for anything. We just have to prepare the breakfast. Since we arrived at late night, we were just prepare ourselves to bed. 

Since I cant remember that much, I cant tell this story according to the correct chronology. Berg (Shera's BF) who is orang Melaka yang bawa kteorg jalan2 since he didnt take the short semester. Oh dia jugak yang ambil gambar. Yass. Yang aku ingt kteorg pergi lah dkt Bangunan Stadhuys and other parts of historical buildings cant remember the name though. We play tourist gittuh melawat tempat bersejarah. Lol. So its time for some pictures!
Jemahs trying to take some decent pictures. Lewlz

I dont know why I love to pose like this for a picture. Haha

From left, Me, Shasya, Shera, Anna
Its hard to walk on that sand seriously. I need to shove some of my weight down, Sigh

Melaka is famous for its kampung house with beautiful stairs. Paid RM2 to enter this house. Tuan rumah buat display je rumah dia
Melaka kan mcm banyak tempat2 cantik for taking hipster like pictures so I'm a bit excited to be part of the cool kids Lewlz. Then, we went to Klebang, minum coconut shake Batu Berendam, beraya rumah Berg. OMG his mom is a great cook. Sedap gila semua makanan rasa mcm nak tapau semua. Paling rindu kuih sarang semut omg. 

Hipster la tu?

W the girls

One of the hipster like wall. Lol. But too shy to pose. Bnyk kereta and many distractions and shits

The last day in Melaka kteorg pergi A Famosa Resort. Main air. Seriously lama gila aku tak main taman tema air and FINALLY! Too bad tak de gambar sbb tak terfikir plak nak sewa waterproof phone case. I was just too busy to get into the water. The first thing I play is gelongsor tinggi gila bapak tu. I berlagak gila padahal tak reti berenang. Sampai je bawah aku terus masuk dalam air, lepastu aku panik takleh angkat kepala to breathe padahal air cetek je. So lifeguard pon selamat kan aku. Perghh malu gila. Kena gelak lepas keluar dari air. Hahah bodoh.

My favourite is giant doughnut. Biar lah beratur panjang pon bila dapat main mmg puas hati gila. Hahaha aku mmg excited benda2 extreme ni. Sekali main mmg kata tak nak main dah bila main dua kali mmg addicted. Apart from playing games yg mcm gelongsor tu we were on the pelampung relaxing our mind and follow where the water takes us. Hahah. Masa nak balik tu kteorg dah siap2 solat sume. Surau dia seram tapi asalkan boleh solat its ok. Bila dah petang nak balik tu ingtkan nak ambil teksi, tp Shasya kata abang dia boleh ambilkan. Then kteorg tunggu la lama kat situ. Teksi ada offer nak hantarkan tp kteorg still tunggu abang shasya dtg. Tak lama lepastu abang dia call kata maybe lewat sbb jem. Ah sudah. Teksi yg offer td tu pon takde dah. Resort semua dah tutup and kteorg tunggu smpi gelap. Pekerja semua dah balik. Memang lama gila la tunggu abang dia. Mujur kteorg 4 org. Tapi still seram. Dalam pkul 9 gitu abang shasya smpi jemput kteorg balik pastu belanja makan. Huhuh. Lepas makan tidur lah ape lagi penat kot. Esoknya nak balik KL dah. Sampai KL terus balik UIA lah penat gila. Tapi seronok lah weekend aku function. Hahaha

The giant doughnut looks like this where you'll slide to the highest part of it and you'll scream your lungs out 
I look forward for many trips like this. Perhaps travelling outside Malaysia next time? Because I want to create memories with my friends when I still can. I want to keep our teenage memories forever.  Because yknow. In friendship, we are not going to be together all the time forever. Shit happens and you will eventually have to go in separate ways, being busy with life and different obligations. But being in separate ways doesnt mean you putus sahabat or something like that. Its just that you have different pathways. Right? 

Banyak lagi perkara yang aku belum achive dalam hidup ni macam skydiving, travelling to Iceland and aurora haunting. For now, I'll just have to complete my assignments and survive the last week 14 of my third year. Next year is going to be my final year. I hope I can survive engineering school. Gotta wear that turqoise jubah with maroon scarf though. Wish me luck! Till next post. Toodles. 

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