Jan 28, 2017

#15 Setiap Tahun


So, result exam aku baru keluar haritu. Nervous seminggu okay. Bila melintas je perkataan result dlm minda aku automatik rasa nak terberak dia punya nervous tu. Apa je yg aku harapkan selain lulus semua subjek? Alhamdulillah lulus 6 subjek. Tapi aku amek 7 subjek. FML. 

Fail beb satu subjek. Environment. Mula2 aku bersyukur la sbb reaction dgn separation lulus eventhough grade C+ je. Bila lama2 koyak plak rasa sbb subjek tu tak sepatutnya fail. But I admit, masa buat final exam haritu completely blank ah. Mmg tak tahu mende. Mana taknya lecturer ajar teori, exam masuk calculation. Tapi sir ade bgtau suruh tgk example. Last minit lah aku tgk pun. Kalau tau dari awal kena study example aku tak tgk teori dah beb. Sbb satu soalan calculation 20 marks. Damn. So my answer script was literally blank ah. So I deserved the failure due to my own mistakes. But the exam schedule is quite messed up though. 4 papers straight so I had to study earlier and I did but it is still not sufficient to pass the subject.

Nak salahkan sesiapa pun tak boleh kan. Yang buruk semua salah aku sendiri sbb tak usaha lebih, tak tny member2 bila tak paham. So apa je aku boleh buat selain repeat jelah subjek tu. On the other hand, ok lah tu aku lulus reaction engineering. I cant afford to fail that subject seriously. Assignment bnyk, study la mcm mana pun mmg tak faham pastu ade mini design project yg mcm haram, prof Ibrahim plak alahai~

Tapi takpe beb. Masing2 ade their own challenges eventhough pass or fail, we never know other people's hardships right. Dorg tak tunjuk tak semestinya dorg tak lalui kegagalan. Tanamkan sifat Qanaah dlm diri which is jgn bandingkan apa yg kau ada dgn apa yg org lain ada. Bersyukur it is.

Btw, Kalau ikutkan, repeat paper ni mmg benda tiap2 tahun jadi do. I hope no more for my fourth year. Yeah! dah senior year bij. I wish nothing but the best for all my mates. Lets finish what we have started, dont give up and keep moving forward. Toodles.

Throwback picture of me in freshmen year 3 years ago. Damn son dah tua beb. Intake uia baru masuk ni matric number pon 162xxxx aku punya 132xxx. Lol. Good luck dealing with fyp bitch!

Jan 21, 2017

#14 Skin Care Routines


Early last year, I joined MaryKay. Without knowing I have to be a beauty consultant (BC) because I just wanted to have the free items I’ll get after signed up, of course it didn’t last that long after being active. Hahaha. Lagipun komitmen tinggi beb aku tak mampu balance kan dengan academic eventhough banyak benefits aku akan dapat if I am consistently doing the MaryKay activities.

Tapi banyak lah ilmu kecantikan yg aku dapat bila join, no doubt. Sebab dulu masa aku fikir apa salahnya jadi BC aku rajin la pergi unit meeting, grab ilmu and stuff. So bermula nya dari situ, aku tahu la kenapa penting nya amalkan skin care routine eventhough aku skrg pon tak amalkan sgt sbb skincare habis, nak beli mahal. Huhuh. Anyway, basic skin care routines gotta be five. Yes. Five. Kalau kau tak pernah amalkan maybe rasa mcm bnyk and leceh, but believe me this is crucial ok. I did learned about skin structure, but its too complex. So I’ll just explain about skin care routines ok. Apart from that, korg kena tahu jenis kulit korg (normal, oily, dry, combination)

Down below is the what, why and how listed according to usage chronology.

1. Cleanser
Typical thing that you girls apply on your face lah kan to cleanse your skin and remove dirts and shits.

2. Toner/Freshner
Waktu cuci muka, your pores akan terbuka ok. So here comes the why you need to apply toner which is to close your pores and prevent your skin from getting dirty again. Pimples formed because of clogged pores, so toner is very important to ensure your pores are not clogged. It is very important to choose free alcohol toner bcs alcohol will make your skin dry.

3. Moisturizer
After applying toner, kena apply moisturizer to keep you skin moist. Dekat kulit kita ada natural moisturizing factor (NMF). NMF ni boleh hilang disebabkan matahari and aircond. Kalau kite tak balance kan moisture on our skin, nnt kulit kering bila kulit kering akan cepat berkedut. Euw. So by applying moisturizer, NMF tu protected by a layer of moisturizer, keeping your skin moist.

4. Mask
Mask kena pakai twice a week for exfoliating. Setiap 29 hari akan berlaku skin renewal process (depends kpd umur, kalau makin berumur skin renewal process jd lebih lama), so imagine kalau semua dead skin cell atas kulit kite tak remove, berapa tebal agaknya? That’s why some people who don’t exfoliate their skin, kulit kusam and nampak tua sbb bnyk sgt dead skin cell berkumpul kat atas kulit muka. Yall can google dead skin cell ok to see how creepy it is.

5. UV Protection
I believe semua org mesti pakai cream kan sebelum keluar. Yall kena pilih yg ada UV protection ok (SPF15, SPF35 ect) utk protect your skin. Kalau uols tak pakai UV protection, mudahlah terbentuknya jeragat, sunspots semua tu. Tak cantik dah la kulit kite muda2 dah ada jeragat. Jeragat terbentuk sbb melanocyte released by melanin in response to sunrays. It forms pigment lah causing ada jeragat and sunspots. So that is why UV protection is crucial.

It is important to choose a right skin care ok. I urge all of you to not using local product yang menjanjikan kecantikan sekelip mata. There is no short cut to obtain healthy skin. Kena jaga makan and amalkan skin care routine. Lain2 daripada tu takde. Jangan disebabkan nak cantik merana sepanjang hayat.

Local product ni bukan je rebranding tapi chemical merbahaya pon banyak. Nk pakai, pakai product yg ada clinical trial, counter product (SKII, Clinique etc) or product pharmacy. Pakai la apa pun yg penting sesuai dengan kulit.

This is the one that I was using from marykay. Helok la nokk. 

Aku bukan nak promote, tapi MaryKay ada semua benda yg kau perlukan utk penjagaan kulit muka dari A-Z and yall akan ada beauty consultant yg akan sama2 risaukan keadaan kulit uols, yg suggestkan mana yg sesuai dgn jenis kulit uols. Uols akan rasa dihargai gittew. Anyway, tu je nak bagitau, tak promote marykay pon, iols dah hiatus. Lol. Toodles

Jan 3, 2017

#13 2017


First post of 2017 yaww! Alhamdulillah another year for us to live in 2017. I dont know how to sum 2016 up. Rasa mcm biasa2 je mcm tahun2 sebelum ni. Perhaps lebih tabahlah. The biggest thing happen in 2016 is passed all exam papers haritu. HAHAHA. It matters okay. If not aku tak boleh proceed with next level of subjects. Its okay to repeat papers bcs yknow we have that period of time where everything is messed up and falling apart but you have to comeback stronger and promise to yourself that you wont do the same mistakes no more!

Btw, talking about new year resolutions, I have to admit that I failed my 2016 resolution which is to lose some weight. Yknow tonnes of excuses after tonnes of excuses made sbb tu tak jadi. I'm gonna resume my diet plan this year. I wanna be healthy I wanna take care of my body bcs its so fuckin precious. Health is something that money cant buy. 

Apart from that, I wanna be a better me in all aspect insyallah. I'm a final year student now. Eventhough not officially sbb sem ni punya exam tak habis lagi, lets fight for our future bcs nobody gonna do it except us right. Sem depan ada fyp beb cuaks. 

Anyway, my new year resolution is down below:-

General. (LOL)

  • Spend more time with my family especially my mom and do her favors w/o feeling lazy.
  • Dont procrastinate in my study, make notes for everything and revise em every night before sleep.
  • Be good to people around me.
  • Think more before say something or do something.
  • Simpan duit. Sikit pon takpe. 
Apehal specific betul azam aku tu? Btw, I do make up and taking care of my skin nowadays bcs they're freakin important and make up makes me feel more confident. So down below is my wishlist for make up and skin care products that I want to buy. Hehehe

Make Up/ Skin Care Wishlist
  • Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener
  • Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum
  • Morphe Eyeshadow Pallete
  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Concealer
  • Contour Kit
  • Beauty Blender
  • The Balm eyeshadow pallete
Best nya kalau dapat beli semua ni ha. I'll be the happiest girl alive! Haih, tak sabar nak kerja nak ada duit sendiri. Oh btw, I'm thinking about writing a post about skin care routine. Hohoho. Until next post. Happy new year! Toodles!